Work/Life balance is a popular phrase in today’s workplace.  I can remember as a child in the 70s that dad worked according to the company’s needs and mom stayed home and managed the house.  When my children were growing up I was fortunate enough to do some consulting work while intermittently staying home; occasional remote work was also possible.  Today, I get to work with many women entrepreneurs who enjoy raising children while engaging in work.  Additionally, the focus on men enjoying their family time is also important.  For individuals who are single and/or enjoy life without children, work/life balance is still important.  The most effective employees are employees who enjoy pursuits outside of the workplace.

Today, I would like to share some tips for finding ways to achieve work/life balance on your own terms.

  1. Strive to achieve a happy home life.  In truth, you can’t pick your work mates.  Work in and of itself isn’t always bad, add a few manipulative, unhappy people to the mix however and work days can become taxing and drudge filled.  Building a happy home life allows you to have a refuge, place to create, and time away from the battles fought at work.
  2. Nurture creative outlets.  Creativity displaces boredom and predictability.  Positive mental health comes from learning new things and having new experiences in life.  Creative outlets keep your focus on enjoying life and the creative process they foster.
  3. Be honest with yourself.  Many people are taught to sweep their feelings and needs under the rug.  Unfortunately, stuffed feelings as well as unmet needs fester and build until anger and depression sets in.  Keep short accounts with yourself by being honest about how you are feeling and working to get your needs met.
  4. Find a network of people who help you feel valued and alive.  Even the best jobs require outside interests and time away.  The repetitive and/or highly stressful nature of work requires switching gears.  Feeling valuable outside of work allows you to recharge your batteries and focus on fun and relaxation.
  5. Exercise.  To be honest, my definition of exercise has changed over the years.  Although I love aerobics and dance workouts, my body no longer allows such activities.  I can, however, conservatively jog around the main floor of my house and plank.  The point is, traditional definitions of exercise are not needed.  Find something that allows your heart rate to rise (at a reasonable level) and gives you the feeling of balanced euphoria (manic states lead to irresponsible decision making).  Exercise clears out stress hormones, improves cardiovascular function, and increases one’s metabolic rate.  As a beautiful side note ~ increased metabolism = the ability to consume more cake.  😛
  6. Do work you are passionate about.  Even if your passion project is a hobby, pursuing your passion is going to bring unmeasurable satisfaction.  The satisfaction you obtain from your hobby is going to make the less fun aspects of work and life more bearable.

All the best!

Coach Linn

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