My focus in my business is helping others become unstoppable.  You may ask, “why unstoppable”?  Is unstoppable a gimmick?  I think that is a good question.  You see, I have lived through a number of difficulties including major losses, neglect, bullying, abuse, being projected onto, chronic illness, and musculoskeletal issues.  Most of my life has been spent learning how to be myself and not be influenced by the fears of others.

On the road to becoming myself and achieving my purpose, I have learned that you have to become unstoppable.  Like a tree growing through rock.  Once you find your passion and purpose, a myriad of people and sometimes your own body try to take you down.  Then you have a layer of fear and self sabotage to wade through.  The more you work towards success, the more of who you are will become more of who you used to be.

Being unstoppable means being able to withstand all of the pressures and difficulties of being human and possessing the ability to shrug it off and keep moving forward.  You have to develop skill sets for dealing with times when you do feel vulnerable and down.  You have to keep moving even when others taunt and belittle you.  If you let life lead you where you need to go and learn to quiet your mind and soul, you will be unstoppable.  You may experience setbacks but you will never give up.  The end result may be different from what you envisioned, but you will be content through and through.

Here are a few of the benefits of being unstoppable:

  1. Trusting your instincts.  When you are headed north and your intuition says northeast, if you change course, happiness follows.  You will dodge landmines and difficulties that you were not meant to experience.  You will learn to trust the feeling of being sick to your stomach, getting a headache, or whatever your intuition uses to alert you of less than favorable choices/direction.  There will be lessons to learn along the way but you can relax and enjoy the ride.
  2. Swagger.  I am not talking about the swagger one gets from arrogance without substance.  Swagger comes from knowing and trusting one’s self.  When others try to brainwash you, you can push them aside without effort.  You know you are human and flawed and you can be that flawed human even though others are uncomfortable with your behavior (not including anti-social behavior).  You have the tools to center and direct yourself when you become unsure.  In short, you see the nonsense of the world and only participate if you want to.
  3. Freedom.  When you can access your intuition and live day to day from your center and purpose, you have the ultimate freedom.  Society’s rules and the beliefs of the masses no longer affect you.  I am not saying that harming others is okay.  As long as you treat yourself and others adaptively (with love, compassion, understanding, and the like) you can create your happy space and enjoy life.  Don’t care about the sexuality or race of others?  Me neither.  I think all people have a clean slate until they prove otherwise.  Of course, standing up for the unfair treatment of others is paramount.  Question people in authority?  Of course.  Just because someone is in charge does not make them right or ethical.
  4. Authenticity.  Especially for those of us who have above average intelligence or are eccentric in other ways, being unstoppable means not following the crowd.  Yep, my outfit might look wrinkly one day and too sexy the next.  The truth is I do not put away my laundry, I dig through the pile and when I find 2 things I want to wear, I put them on.  I would rather spend time on creative hobbies than worry about my clothes.  Being unstoppable means that I find great joy in people staring or trying to shame me!  I also say exactly what is on my mind.  Maybe it is TMI but yah know what, don’t ask if you don’t want to know.  Think repeating what I said to others will shame me?  Not so much, I know that only small minded people need to be in the business of others.
  5. A Life You Love.  You call the shots.  You decide when enough is enough.  Take your passion and run with it.  Choose your hobbies according to your talents and ambitions.  Start your own company.  Get an education.  Become an executive.  The sky is the limit.  Encourage others to love life.

Yep, that’s what unstoppable means!  Of course life will never be smooth and you will always be growing but you will become a person who can handle their stuff.  You will never again have to endlessly cow tow to the people who are bored and have a need to make the lives of others miserable.  You will make an educated plan and move forward.

All the best!

Coach Linn

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Hello! I am the founder of the Unstoppable Man and Woman's Mindset, a mindset coach, and an animal lover.

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