If you are like many people today, you are looking to make changes in your life.  Perhaps you have yet to own your power and purpose.  Maybe you are always getting into one sided relationships.  It could be that you want greater self esteem and success for yourself.  The thing is, when we focus on just what we want, we actually stagnate rather than move forward.  The very best things in life happen to us when we immerse ourselves in all of the beauty life has to offer.

Creativity is an outlet for bringing out our true selves and gaining inspiration for a full life.  When being creative, possibilities we had not noticed before begin to knock at our door.  Additionally, creativity allows us to see the beauty in ourselves and others.  We become inspired to become more than we are now.  When our spirit becomes inspired – nothing can stop us.  It is from this vantage point, all of the possibilities of life come forward.

In a nutshell, here are 4 reasons you should embrace creativity:

First, creativity gives you hope.  When you nurture your creative side, you begin to see that where you are today is not all there is.  There are limitless opportunities available to everyone and there is enough for everyone.  Abundance is always present.

Second, when you are being creative, you move out of your comfort zone.  There is something about engaging in an arty outlet.  When creating art, writing, film, whatever it is, you feel the need to push further and further out.  There is something about being creative that helps you wave goodbye to your comfort zone.

Next, creativity puts you on the road to your dream life.  In the space of creativity, everything is possible.  Negativity and disbelief cannot not exist in the space of creativity.  From the space of creativity, think about what you want your life to be.  I have to say that even in writing this, I feel inspired to dream bigger.

Finally, your self esteem will skyrocket when you come from a creative place.  Yes, you are not good at everything and everyone else has gifts that you do not have.  However, you are one of a kind.  You were put on this earth to fulfill a purpose.  Dig into your creativity and show us what you have that is all yours.

One thing I will caution you about.  Your current acquaintances, friends, and family will work to take you down to your old self.  Your growth is uncomfortable for them -unless you have amazing people in your life.  Do yourself a favor.  Block your ears.  Change your perspective and see every emotional jab, straight out sabotage, and abusive words as those people cheering for you.  Another thought comes to mind.  If you and your friends/family are listening to Bohemian Rhapsody and they won’t sing all the voices, get them our of your life, you do not need that kind of negativity!  You feel me?

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All the best to you!

Coach Linn


Linn Chetty

About Linn Chetty

Hello! I am the founder of the Unstoppable Man and Woman's Mindset, a mindset coach, and an animal lover.

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