When I work with others, more often than not, I work with creative people who struggle with mainstream living.  Although, I find all people and beings fascinating and worthy of abundant living.  The thing is when your intuition is high and you can perceive truth through thought, life is intense.  Every moment, vocal inflection, movement, and so on is felt and recorded for later examination.   Getting caught up in the pitfalls of “normative living” is overwhelming and quite painful.  Add a clinical mental health counseling degree to that and you can perceive a person’s basic beliefs inside of 10 minutes.

On the flip side, you can create a sweet spot for yourself, even if it just lasts for hours, maybe one day, and even more rare – one week.  Within the sweet spot, life presents itself without the pitfalls and senseless trials of linear living.  You can breath and easily make choices without the effects of the fog of humanity.  As this state of being is preferable, I am constantly working towards residing in an existence without linear limits – limits constructed by humans.

I know the world can sometimes get cloudy for those of us who exist supernaturally.  Today, I want to share ways to cope when the ship feels like it is taking on water or turning upside down.

  1. Don’t beat yourself up.  It is hard to be separated from the beauty of the divine.  I know the predictable simplicity that most people consider to be life weighs heavily.  Rest in the knowledge, that nothing becomes stagnant.  In many cases, life is simply rearranging itself.
  2. Be patient.  The storm won’t last forever.  Steel yourself away in a dark room or out in nature while the storm passes.
  3. Ask for help.  I find praying for guidance to be a powerful way to become clear when the fog of life becomes heavy.
  4. Refuse to settle.  I spent the majority of my early life settling for less so everyone else could be okay.  After counseling incarcerated individuals and having my spine fused, I realized I was selling myself short.  Even if your amazing gifts are not being used today, know that your day is on the horizon.
  5. Find coping techniques that settle you.  I find tarot cards help me channel the emotions that build inside of me when I can’t seem to break through the thickness of human existence.  Look for rituals that help you feel supported when no one else is showing up and/or others are using you as a scapegoat.
  6. Love yourself.  Being fundamentally different can be isolating and leave you feeling powerless.  Know that feeling different is okay.  Rest, save your energy, and dig in to loving your uniqueness.

All the best!

Coach Linn

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Linn Chetty

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Hello! I am the founder of the Unstoppable Man and Woman's Mindset, a mindset coach, and an animal lover.

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