As the weekend is upon us, I began to think about what weekends are for.  I suspect for many people, weekends are a time to catch up on sleep, housework, spending time with family and friends, and so on.  I try my best during the week to mix in a bit of everything because continuity means a lot to me.  Still, if you work a 9 to 5, balance during the week can be hard to achieve.  As weekends offer more free time, I think using some of that time to plan for and dream about the future is a good habit to get into.  I know that if your children are young, free time is hard to come by.  Still, I think dreaming about the future you want is an important part of enjoying and taking advantage of the beauty of life.

Whether during the week, weekends, or possibly every day, here are some things to think on when dreaming about the life you have ahead of you.  I realize the list I compiled could be overwhelming.  I would like to invite you to pick a couple of topics to review and then come back and tackle another topic when you feel ready.  

  1. What work do you do?  Do you work from home, travel, manage people, work for yourself, teach, and so on?
  2. What do your vacations look like?  Travel to other countries, vacation home on the beach, do you fly private, do you need to begin taking vacations and grow your expectations?  How often do you enjoy vacationing and how often do you travel for vacation?  What activities do you engage in on vacation?
  3. How is your home life?  What does your life look like when you come home from work?  Do you and your partner kiss and say hello, do you take 30 minutes to shower, relax, and regroup?  Do you immediately go outside and play with your children or do all of you get some downtime before interacting?
  4. How do you handle your chores in life?  Is home maintenance hired out or do you keep up with repairs?  What are your partner’s and/or friends’ roles?  Do you swap help with one another?  How clean do you keep your house?
  5. How often do you get free time?  Do you window shop, watch movies, or read in your free time?  
  6. What does your self care routine look like?  Do you keep up with your medical and health needs?  Do you get enough time to chill?  How do you feel about your appearance?  While loving yourself as is is important you can also think about anything you would like to change.

Add to or amend this list for yourself.  The idea is rather than drown in your day to day life, begin to define, look forward to, and find gratitude for your future life.  Gratitude breeds abundance.  As you define what you want in your life, surrender, and believe your needs will be met, the better your life will become.

All the best!

Coach Linn

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