Sounds like wedding garb, I know.  One of the greatest barriers to change is clinging to veils.  So what exactly are veils?  Veils are the beliefs that hold us back from progress.  To go more in depth, rigid thinking causes veils.  Although always changing your mind is not a good idea, it is good to be open to and explore all options.  I always ask God/the Universe/my higher self for guidance to avoid going down difficult paths.  By asking for guidance from a higher power you 1) Humble yourself which prevents operating from ego and 2) Allows something greater than yourself to take hold and direct you towards the abundance already available.

Here are some of the advantages that come with surrendering your veils and embracing more:

  1. Greater satisfaction in life.  It is mind blowing to consider the opportunities that are available to us.  As humans, we squelch the beauty that is life in the name of “getting along”, reaping rewards after death, to gain a sense of belonging, to control others, and so on.  In my mind, there simply is no reason to have a stressful, crappy life.  Imagine living a life that satisfies every part of your being (as long as it does not cause harm to self or others).
  2. Abundance galore.  Life is a fully abundant place and yes, life can be wholly surprising and disappointing.  Having suffered numerous losses and heartbreaks along with working with those who have caused loss and heartbreak, I can safely say, it is okay.  Intuition, commitment to having an amazing life, and finding your passion makes life easy and fulfilling without the need for groupthink and suffering.  Step into your abundance.  Experience unlimited resources and outcomes.  Make this life heaven.
  3. Better relationships.  Dissatisfaction in relationships comes from not taking care of your own stuff.  While we are social creatures, we do not need others in our lives.  It is possible to find pleasure and enjoyment without needing to engage in groupthink.  As you surrender to lifting your veils, your relationships will either improve or float away.  Don’t let fear keep you in bad relationships and maladaptive behavior patterns.
  4. Intelligence.  Often times, the things we say and do are based on traditions passed down through family systems.  In many ways, intelligence is squelched by clinging to maladaptive beliefs.  Releasing the veils of our past allows the development of intuition, tapping into the collective unconscious, forming a greater understanding of life and its events, and acute senses that prevent harm from coming to you.  Intelligence is nice because it keeps you from wasting time on non-fruitful ventures and provides the ability to embrace successful hobbies and life adventures.

All the best!

Coach Linn

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Hello! I am the founder of the Unstoppable Man and Woman's Mindset, a mindset coach, and an animal lover.

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