Traditional Coaching

You are stuck and are not sure why.

Anxiety and depression are your constant companions.

Just getting out of bed is a chore.

The shadow that follows you throughout life is inescapable.

Each day feels like the last – matte-finished, hopeless, and nowhere near satisfying.

Life isn’t easy.

Grief and turmoil are part and parcel of your life.

Like a wave, the power of loss and dissatisfaction take you under and keep you there.

You feel breathless – unable to touch, move, or live.

Achieving means growth.

You reached your career goals, but life is more complicated, not easier.

Personality conflicts, managing others, dealing with personal issues, all weigh you down.

What seemed a pathway to joy is now a colder, hard reality with little room for growth.

Loss of passion occurs.

You look great on the outside.

Inside is a bundle of nerves, anger, fear, and doubt.

You put on a face of bravery each day while wondering when the pain and loneliness might end.

Where is the beautiful life of which I am capable?

In truth, it is not life that confines us.

Staying stuck and miserable is a choice.

The power to thrive and enjoy life is always there.

The dreams of an amazing, fulfilling life are entirely possible.

A new experience awaits.

Through counseling, we work together to unravel the knotted string.

Once unraveled, the string becomes lovingly and thoughtfully smoothed and placed according to your shape.

Hope begins to take root, and life becomes enjoyable again.

Take hold of the future!

Stop dreaming and start achieving. Now is the time to begin.

After our sessions, you will leave with a sense of relief and purpose.

Reach out today to gain a life full of meaning.

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