Ever wonder what life is all about?  In a nutshell, life is all about self.  Within the self are beliefs, attitudes, motivations, experiences, and so on.  Probably the most important attribute of self is destiny – your purpose for being on this earth.  A person with a firm grasp on purpose does not need to make waves or cause suffering to self and others.  Purpose causes one to find oneness with the universe and a peaceful existence.

For anyone struggling to find his or her purpose, it is okay if you are still looking.  In many cases, where you are now is helping you build skills for the future. From what I have experienced and read, it is common to find your purpose in your forties – that’s a lot of years to prepare.  While you are waiting to discover your purpose you can focus on hobbies and activities/work that inspires you.

When you are living from purpose, your life will become a/an:

  1. Endless stream of consciousness.
  2. Exploration of what can be.
  3. Outlet for creativity.
  4. Conduit of love.
  5. Source of inexplicable joy and strength.
  6. Daily reason to celebrate.
  7. Wealth of knowledge and intuition.

So how can you tell if you are where you need to be?  Listen to your inner voice.  Is your world peaceful or chaotic?  If you are like me, you absorb energy.  In fact, during residency, my professor told me he could gauge the energy of the room by watching me.  People who are empathic have to dwell in places that are peaceful and in tune with the divine.  If you are not an empath, you will still thrive best in places where people are happy with themselves.

People who are one with self, the earth, creation, and the divine, are busy tending to their own business.  Worldly concerns cause us to lose focus and begin judging others.  Digging into who you are will keep your focus on yourself, which is where focus is intended to be.

Do yourself a favor.  Ask the universe to show you the depth and richness of life and show you ways to change your entire being.

Ask for guidance if you need it – I am available!

All the best!

Coach Linn

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Linn Chetty

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Hello! I am the founder of the Unstoppable Man and Woman's Mindset, a mindset coach, and an animal lover.

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