Throughout life, we spend time learning what will and will not bring us harm.  We learn to steel ourselves against inevitable pain.  Many retreat when faced with uncertainty.  It is natural to shrink back from the unknown.  However, strength does not come from avoidance.  Rather, strength comes from pushing forward and seeking more.  Additionally, abundant life does not exist behind a wall of fear.  Should we choose to wear fear like a cloak, doing so will cost us dearly.

My belief is that we come to earth to learn and grow as linear living is quite difficult.  Each cycle of life we choose to live in the linear is a chance to level up.  If we get distracted during our life, we will be presented with the same lessons over and over again.  The trick is to learn to surrender.  Surrender relieves us  of the chemical reactions that occur in our bodies that cause fight or flight.  In this surrender, we move away from worry and into abundance.

Here are a few ways to program surrender into your bodily reactions and find the divine in daily life.

Experiencing God.  When I participated in organized religion, my pastor offered the Experiencing God study.  It was this study that catapulted my spiritual growth.  Even if you are an atheist, I know this study can help you step into a life of greater knowing and being.  My entire concept of the divine and living in a spiritual way was completely changed due to this study.

Pray.  To God, your higher self, the universe.  When you are struggling with life whether it be lack, fear, difficulty with others, health issues, and so on.   Put those things out into the universe and ask for help.  Inexplicably, life falls into place when you stop trying and seek guidance.

Enjoy the sunshine.  Recharge your batteries in the beauty of the sun.  There is something about the sun light that is rejuvenating and gives hope.  During the winter months, travel to a tropical venue or purchase some daylight bulbs.  Feeling refreshed and renewed does not have to be difficult.

Breathe fresh air.  Take a walk at lunch.  Sit outside and drink your coffee.  Whatever you can do to take a break and just breathe when life begins to overwhelm.

Live in the present moment.  Fearful experiences lie within the mind.  If you stop and look at the present, all is well.

Imagine the best outcomes.  Only allow your mind to think on the positive.  If negative thoughts come in, guard against negativity.  Look at your situation as a time of growing/waiting.  Know through and through that the world is an abundant place and you are are about to open your eyes and see it!

All the best!

Coach Linn

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Linn Chetty

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Hello! I am the founder of the Unstoppable Man and Woman's Mindset, a mindset coach, and an animal lover.

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