Many times in life we have to start over.  Whether a job or relationship ends or the plans we made did not work out.  The thing is, starting over can be a difficult and sometimes devastating process.  In many cases, we are grieving while in the process of starting over.  Memories from the past, moments of despair, feelings of failure, and concern about the future creep in.  When looking at starting over, it is helpful to have points to focus on.  Do not skip grieving your loss.  Take baby steps moving forward, learn new skills, and work towards manifesting your dream life.

Here are 6 tips to help you when starting over:

  1. Feel your feelings about the past and let go.  If you are still in the grief process do not suck it in and stop.  However, do feel your feelings about the ending, unmet needs, anything you did that you feel contributed to a difficult situation, and so on.  Sit with each feeling until the feeling leaves your body.  Make a list of feelings to work through if needed.
  2. Forgive Yourself. Forgive your self for being human, shortcomings, poor choices, trusting a person or situation, or anything you feel guilty about.  Get some coaching if you need to upgrade your skills to make better choices in the future.  You cannot change the past so forgive yourself and move on.
  3. Ground yourself.  Getting centered gives you a calm frame of mind to work from.  When excited, our bodies produce hormones that make it impossible to think clearly.  For tips on quick relaxation techniques look here.  For longer, centering exercises, look here.
  4. Make a list of to dos/goals.  To move ahead, you have to know where you are going.  Write down what you need to do, what you are hoping to accomplish, and what you want your future life to look like.  
  5. Take a few relaxing breaths.  When you feel overwhelmed, take a few breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth.  Once you are relaxed, begin again.
  6. Start over.  Last and most important, begin putting one foot in front of another and start over.  You may be in tears or filled with anger, but day by day, moment by moment, you will begin a new life. 

All the best!

Coach Linn

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