The words “side stepping” can mean many things.  The words can also hold a negative or positive meaning.  In the context I am writing about, side stepping is a tool.  You see, as an empath, I have difficulty separating my feelings and emotions from the feelings and emotions of others.  There are times that I have checked in with myself and found that although I am sensing negative emotions, I am feeling positive emotions.  I cannot say with certainty how many other people struggle with reacting due to the way others feel and think.  However, I can share this tip I developed to help those who need to let go of the toxic, controlling behaviors of others.

Side stepping is a way for a person to avoid letting the thoughts and feelings of others control his or her happiness and behaviors.  The technique involves recognizing the beliefs of another person and then stepping aside to let those feelings pass you by.  The concept of letting go is akin to side stepping.  For me, letting go was difficult because I could not get the stuff generated from others out of my life.  The way I discovered side stepping was by picturing walking down a dark hall.  At the end of the hall, there seemed to be a wall.  However, as my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I noticed a passage to the left, which allowed me to get out of the dark corridor.  Now I use the image of stepping to the side to prevent myself from absorbing the energy of others.

Here a few reasons to use side stepping when taking control of your life:

Prevent toxic manipulation.  There are more than a few people in life who control others as opposed to loving them.  You can tell who these people are because their energy feels uncomfortable.  When that alarm sounds in your head, side step anything that the person speaks and/or projects.  Instead of feeling weak and defeated you will move away from the toxic person and keep on walking.

Living for yourself.  After being involved in toxic relationships, it is hard to live for yourself.  Oftentimes we are so used to making others happy, we forget about ourselves.  If you can side step the energy that binds you to duty and/or groupthink, you will find immense freedom in choosing your path and taking care of yourself.

Stepping into abundance.  A number of toxic people cling to small minded beliefs.  While these beliefs helped the individual in childhood, the beliefs offer little or no service in the present.  When a person goes for everything, it brings up insecurity in the people around them.  If you can sidestep the negative beliefs and attitudes of the naysayers, you will step into the abundance that life offers.

Unlimited joy.  There is no lack of joy in this life.  Rather, human beings squelch joy in exchange for a feeling of power.  If you can avoid the negative energy that is put out by the vast majority of individuals, your joy will abound considerably.  Just think about never having to feel defeated and unhappy.  Instead, when you get knocked down; you can giggle with glee, dust yourself off, and move in a forward direction.

All the best!

Coach Linn

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