In today’s world, the phrase “shadow work” is a buzz word within in the mental health awareness community.  What shadow work entails is embracing every part of yourself.  One great way to see your “shadows” is to notice when a person or situation triggers anger, frustration, baggage, and so on .  You see, other people are mirrors of our stuff.  Rather than correct others when we are triggered, we need to delve into why the other person’s behaviors are triggering us.  Once we discover why we are being triggered, we can love and accept the parts of ourselves that are allowing for the trigger to occur.  For example, many people can become triggered when a person is very confident or peppy.  The reason why those behaviors are a trigger is due to the fact that we find ourselves unlovable if we behave as confident, peppy human beings.  In such instances, we can use the situation to 1) Love the part of ourselves that reacts to such stimulus and 2) Realize that it is completely acceptable to be peppy and confident.  When you view the world from such a vantage point, life becomes a series of opportunities for growth rather than a source of frustration.  It is also important to listen to your intuition and assure you are always in a safe place; meaning, don’t hang around scary people and situations even when you can grow from them.

Here are some suggestions for working through your triggers and shadows:

  1. Be accepting of yourself with regard to the fact that you do not have to please others.
  2. Love every part of yourself, particularly the parts of yourself that society would deem “ugly”.
  3. Know that you have the strength to stand alone to the exclusion of others.
  4. Be open to feeling work.  Feeling work entails feeling and sitting with your feelings.   Know that every feeling is acceptable.  It is actions, not feelings that get people into trouble.
  5. Send love to people who trigger you.  Express gratitude to the universe for sending people your way who help you grow.

All the best!

Coach Linn

sending good vibes

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