Beginning in childhood and lasting through adulthood, each of us dreams of being more.  Due to the miracle of life, we have been gifted with drive, talent, love, and a work ethic.  The question is, how will we get from point A to B, what will the journey cost us, and will the effort be worthwhile?  When you think about it, the phrase, “full potential” is ambiguous.  How does one quantify his or her full potential?  I rather think full potential is expressed in terms of feeling fulfilled and knowing you are accomplishing your purpose.  I know that my purpose is to bring awareness to positive, adaptive mental health.  I have been put on earth to help people who are struggling.  I am reaching my full potential.   I would love to do more, but as a human, I am doing the most and best I can do in this moment.

As you go through your journey to reach your full potential, there are a few things to keep in mind.  First of all, patience and focus make the journey less stressful.  Know that even when it seems you are getting nowhere, things are happening behind the scenes.  Your work and effort are getting noticed.  Perhaps you have circumstances that need changing.  It is difficult to be working, manifesting, putting yourself out there, and still seeing no evidence that movement is taking place.  Have patience, stay focused.  Direction and change will come but not likely in the way you suspect or within the timeframe you want.

Guard yourself from being discouraged.  In our journey of being more, we have times of amazing progress and then progress slows.  Don’t be discouraged when progress slows.  Slowed progress is a natural part of the growth process.  Use the downtime to rest, be thankful for your amazing life, and rest up for the next wave of growth.  Know that everyone including large, successful corporations experience slow downs.  When you are rested, use your creativity to plan for new growth and/or enjoy the growth you have already manifested.

When striving to reach your full potential, know that you will have to change.  Change is an inevitable part of becoming more.  Just as a city grows and changes, so will you.  Expect to leave your familiar life behind.  You will find a new norm again and again.  In fact, if you can become completely comfortable with discomfort, you will be way ahead of the curve.  Study your heroes.  I bet you will find your hero has transformed many times throughout his or her life!

A mentor can help you find and reach your full potential more quickly.  As humans, we have to learn the building blocks of a system and then branch out to find the ins and outs of the system.  What is right from person to person varies.  Rather than reinvent the foundational pieces of the “wheel” find a mentor to get you started.  A mentor is going to give you a boost and cut out the BS.  The more individualized the mentor the better.  Some mentors will teach you the lessons that they have learned, which is an amazing starting point.  Other mentors can individualize the experience just for you, which significantly cuts down on your achievement time.  

Embrace change.  When striving to reach your full potential, “I love change!” should be your motto.  As human beings, a little monotony gives us a feeling of having a handle on life.  When life is changing faster than we can grasp, a handle is often not present.  When you feel like life is coming faster then you can grasp it -celebrate!  An ever changing life is the sign that you are in line to live the greatest, biggest life you can live!

All the best!

Coach Linn

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Linn Chetty

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Hello! I am the founder of the Unstoppable Man and Woman's Mindset, a mindset coach, and an animal lover.

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