Life Transitions

Life is Always Evolving

Life rarely remains constant.

Significant changes and minor changes occur.

Living day-to-day life is predictable – until it isn’t.

Big life changes can sweep us under like a wave.

Trying to Regain Footing

When life transitions get the best of us, the landscape of life can look unfamiliar.

Tasks that were easy in the past become difficult and taxing.

We search for footing but feeling confident and assured is no longer possible.

Recovering from Loss

Transitions often occur amid loss. During the process, we lose our past selves and lives.

Transitions cause a loss of the confidence of knowing what comes next.

The rhythm and flow of life seem to disappear.

Anxiety Sets In

It is difficult to make decisions that feel “right.”

Small annoyances become irritating.

One thinks, “Am I good enough?”

Stress takes its toll, and it becomes difficult to relax.

Why Suffer Continually

Programming from childhood lives in your psyche.

Such programming causes fear of change and uncertainty in greatness.

Self-sabotaging messages and beliefs are difficult to squash.

The Mind Swims

How did I get here?

How did I miss the queues for change?

Why can’t things stay the same?

Why wasn’t I prepared?

It’s Scary When the Bottom Falls Out

Having a bottom fall out of your life is terrifying.

There is a vast difference in what you pictured and what is.

Life goes from familiar to the unknown in just a few seconds.

A lump in the throat and tummy forms and never leaves.

Even Happy Events Can Be Stressful

Transitions for which you longed and planned still come with stress.

With new circumstances comes the need for alternative ways of living and thinking.

Leveling up feels hard.

Transitions require the creation of a new normal.

Happy events are joyous yet challenging.

No One Should Suffer

No human is supposed to play small or suffer.

Denying potential serves no one.

Life does not have to be uncertain and difficult.

The answers are right at your fingertips.

There is No Need to Suffer Through Life Transitions

I am ready and capable of guiding others through life transitions.

This guidance is nonjudgmental and applies no pressure.

Imagine working through challenges in an accepting and safe environment.

Stress, fear, and anxiety melt into reassurance and confidence.

Walls Come Down

There is no longer a need to put on a brave face in a supportive environment.

Self-mastery and self-acceptance become the focus of life.

Days are more enjoyable.

Total relaxation becomes possible.

Reach Out and Stop the Stress and Anxiety Today

Reach out to a professional. Call me today.

Take a step toward self-knowledge.

Choose a life where the ability to handle life transitions exists.

Choose to be mentally healthy and happy.

No longer feel like life is hard, and success is impossible.