Okay, I know I am not the only person whose childhood was filled with “special occasions”.  New clothes were bought before going back to school as well as for Christmas and Easter.  Family got together on major holidays and your birthday.  Then, there are “rules” that govern special occasion etiquette such as: it’s okay to overeat on holidays and during family get togethers, holidays are times to feel and be your best, treat others with love during the holidays.  There were an overwhelming amount of messages that taught that living fluidly all year long was not normal.

However, I disagree.  I believe that celebrations and loving self and others should occur everyday.  No matter who you are or what you are doing, today is a day to celebrate.  There is literally no reason to not live a full life daily – in moderation.  Eat the chocolate cake, celebrate yourself and your journey ~ daily, buy clothes and other items when you need them, and love others every day.  Life is a continuous flow of abundance and if you live from abundance, there will never be a need to binge or be disjointed in any part of your life.

Just think, each and everyday is a day you will only live once.  The date you are living today will never reoccur; which brings me to another point.  Navigate yourself to a life you love.  Don’t settle for day after day of disappointments because you or someone you know is hella maladaptive.  Own your stuff and get nakedly honest with others.  Bullshit and drama are a waste of life.

Here are some ideas to spur you on towards living your very best life on a daily basis:

  1. Pamper yourself.  Enjoy comfort foods; buy and wear socks you love; slather thick, luxurious body lotions on yourself; enjoy different liquids throughout the day including soda, tea, coffee, and water.
  2. Treat your possessions with care.  Buy reliable cases and carriers for your computer.  Buy washers that take care of your clothes.  Have cleaners on hand that make cleaning your house a snap.
  3. Travel, see movies, enjoy new foods ~ whatever enriches your life and inspires your creativity.
  4. Deal with the negatives.  Ignore, cut out, reframe, create new rituals; anything that removes the stress of unnecessary B.S. in your life.
  5. Imagine yourself living your best life on a daily basis.  As your life gets better and better, envision more and more.
  6. Follow the lives of people who inspire you.  Everyone can have amazing, big lives.
  7. Love yourself unconditionally.  All of you, especially parts of yourself that you label as shortcomings and/or failures.  You are a beautiful, imperfect human being.

All my love and support to you ~ I’m your biggest fan!

Coach Linn

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Linn Chetty

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Hello! I am the founder of the Unstoppable Man and Woman's Mindset, a mindset coach, and an animal lover.

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