I wonder if there is any person alive who does not need to juggle?  Children are learning to live life without the benefit of a full neural network system.  Adults have a job, bills, and other commitments.  Life itself is never a straight line.  The frustration of trying to figure it out day to day is frustrating enough.  Add the constant growth that takes places and you have the formula to create maladaptive behavior, anxiety, and fear of the unknown.  In many ways, life reminds me of grad school – one seemingly impossible assignment to complete in a prescribed amount of time.

Just like grad school, however, it’s the ability to overcome any issue that makes one Unstoppable.

In the spirit of becoming Unstoppable, here are some tips for getting into a headspace that leaves you feeling in control.

-Prioritize.  What are the two or three things you have to attend to immediately or soon?  What items are non-issues?  What can you feasibly complete in the near future?

-Delegate.  Are there people in your life you can delegate tasks to?  Can you hire someone to give some of the work to?

-Relax.  Rather than putting pressure on yourself, choose to take a step back.  There is nothing like a relaxed, fresh mind to solve problems and accomplish goals.

-Feel your feelings.  Rather than blaming others or the system for your difficulties in life, feel your feelings.  Recognize it is your fear, overwhelm, and past hurts that are causing pain and fear.

-Engage in hobbies and downtime.  Getting back to the core of yourself is a great reminder of your talent and power.

-Hang out with your supporters.  Your loved ones are going to remind you that you are worthy of success and love.

-Schedule time to talk with your coach.  A good coach will help you work through your stuff, discover your priorities, and make plans that makes sense for you.

All the best!

Coach Linn

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Hello! I am the founder of the Unstoppable Man and Woman's Mindset, a mindset coach, and an animal lover.

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