How many of you wonder what it takes to actually be free?  I am not talking about the amazing freedom our armed forces and government provide. I am talking about the freedom that comes from not being chained to any circumstance or belief in life.  The freedom to be yourself and avoid getting caught up in the day to day struggle.  For whatever reason, I have always been acutely aware of the abundance of life.  I could see that people were using gossip and pointless goals as a means for daily survival.  Who can blame others?  They do what they have been taught and believe in limitations.  I guess limitations allow for keeping the status quo.  However, everyone has the potential to be insanely successful and unique, which begs the question – what is the need for the status quo?

Just like abundance, freedom is available to all.  The only caveat is the work and challenges stepping into freedom requires.  Being free requires a 180 degree shift.  You have to give up entitlement, long held beliefs, and people pleasing.  Your extremes will need to be toned down whether you work too much or sleep too much and so on.  Extremes prevent us from developing our other talents.  Also, a balanced self creates a world where interactions with others are balanced.

As always, I want to share some tips so that everyone can become free.  I don’t believe that freedom and success is available to only elite members of society or people living in first world countries.  We can all stand up, dust ourselves off, and step into the freedom life provides.

  1. Ditch your feelings.  I am not suggesting you stuff your feelings.  However, you also do not want feelings to prevent you from success.  If you have deep feelings of hurt, feel them and then side step the energy behind them.  Don’t spend time nursing hurt, anger, or aggression.  Move yourself into places that help you feel free, rested, and ready to fully live.
  2. Embrace the unlimited.  I always say, “ask for it all”.  The only thing holding you back from success is you.  Keep in mind, however, as you steer a new course, changes may not happen overnight.  You will face the demons that got you where you are today.  Limiting beliefs and people will continually invite you back in.  Learning and growing will be part and parcel to gaining the unlimited.  Everything is possible.  We either sign up for suffering or choose to steer in a different direction.
  3. Rid yourself of distractions.  Anything that keeps you from feeling free is a distraction.  Whether it be work, feelings, friends and relatives, bad habits, social norms, and so on.  The only rule that needs to be adhered to in life is avoiding harm of self and others.  When you continually cause harm, freedom and abundance will allude you.
  4. Enjoy downtime.  I cannot stress enough how important downtime is.  I cringe when people suggest less screen time and constant doing.  Our bodies and minds are brilliant tools that require rest.  Also, I know that our world functions on the 9 to 5 or even more erratic hours.  The thing is, our bodies and world are complex.  Oftentimes we need to be resting rather than doing.  I encourage you to arrange your life such that if you wake up at 1 a.m. and can’t sleep, you can utilize that time to read, relax, invent, and so on.  Then catch a nap later when your body tires again.  I like the idea of 24/7 living.  Rest when you need to, work when inspiration hits.
  5. Refuse to feel guilty.  Let go of the guilt trips.  Yep, you will never be perfect.  Allowing others to control you is the pathway to depression and the end of brilliance.  No one is perfect.  Life throws curve balls.  You will inevitably not please others.  Forgive yourself, make amends, and move on.
  6. Let go of fear.  Fear is only good if it comes from your intuition.  You should always avoid harm.  Other than that, there is no need to be fearful.  Fall on your face, fart in public, fail over and over again, alienate others, love everyone, do anything that scares you.  Remember to enjoy downtime to avoid a manic state.
  7. Refuse to be codependent.  As humans, it is nice to have others in our lives.  At the same time, it is not cool to have a crap life because we need other people.  Going through life trying to people please makes life a bummer.  Learn who you are and how to let go of others.  Know that those who should stay in your life will, even if you become independent.
  8. Engage in fantastical thinking.  Daydreaming is awesome.  Our brains are expansive yet we fail to tap into all of our abilities.  Think about what others say is impossible and what seems impossible and then let go of those ideas.  See the world as an expanse of space limited only by your imagination.  All of the brilliance of the universe is at your finger tips.  Sit back and imagine it and you will find a way to accomplish it.
  9. Embrace what is.  Nothing like a bit of reality to pull you back.  When you find yourself disappointed that you have been working and still have nothing to show for it, embrace that reality.  For all of the power we possess, only we set expectations.  Love that you have worked.  Love where you are today.  No one says we have to do more.  In the least, life is an adventure.  Embrace life to the fullest.  Suck every last drop down until there is nothing left.
  10. Vary your activities.  I mentioned before, my love of television.  I now want to stress the importance of a well rounded activity schedule.  Read, engage in sports/exercise, train dogs, travel, raise children, upgrade your skillset, and so on.  When you have multi-faceted interests, ideas and brilliance fall from the sky.  Each new interest will add a neural pathway that will lead you to new places.
  11. Focus on abundance.  No matter what happens, see yourself as abundant.  You can absolutely own and talk to God about the things you would like to change in your life.  However, maintaining a feeling of abundance will help you focus on abundance.  Just for fun, spend a few minutes thinking about how awful the world is.  While you are thinking on negative things, notice how you feel.  Next, focus on the beauty of life, the smell of clean air, a child’s laughter, funny things that pets do.  See which scenario puts you in the best frame of mind.  Now you see why abundance thinking is king.

All the best!

Coach Linn

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