Focused Coaching

Life is full of challenges.

Some days leave you on top, and others bring about crushing defeat.

Life is a series of changes and challenges.

In many cases, the changes fall into uncharted territory, and navigation requires help.

You feel anxious and overwhelmed.

It is hard to predict when the next challenge will present itself and cripple progress.

Maintaining self-esteem and assurance is hard when the future remains uncertain.

When things get bad, progress stops; life feels unbearable.

Feeling in control of the ups and downs becomes increasingly essential.

The spiral of courage and defeat never ends.

Defeat is crushing in one’s personal and professional life.

Feeling unprepared for the growth necessary prevents achieving one’s dreams.

Never reaching the full potential dwells inside of us.

Wanting to stop feeling crushed, ever again, is something we desire.

Change is difficult.

Of course, everyone can change, but change is hard.

Is life that bad? Who wants to change again and again?

And yet, the pain of not changing grows and grows.

Maladaptive behaviors take hold, and the price of not changing keeps increasing.

You wonder, “Are these challenges that require help?”

You go back and forth – committing to reaching out and then deciding not to reach out.

You are trying to keep the status quo, as you wonder if this is enough.

You are dying inside and hoping no one notices the unhappiness.

Like a groundhog, you nearly crawl out of the hole and then slide back inside.

Distractions keep doubts at bay for a while.

Get-togethers, games, hobbies, road trips, and so on help remove the nagging pain.

Well-meaning friends and family encourage and give advice that soothes the wounds for a time.

When the music stops, and one is alone, and the house is quiet – the pain shows up again.

There is another way.

It is entirely possible to navigate all life’s challenges with grace and acceptance.

Imagine having a helper to call on each time life throws a curveball.

Together, we address new challenges and hone the tools necessary to grow from the challenge.

Today can be the day.

The back and forth can end.

Days of struggle are gone.

There are no more unanswered questions.

Reach out today, and the anxiety, struggle, and pain will face their end.

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