All of us struggle daily with the ups and downs of life.  However, some of us struggle with long term illnesses, difficult relationships, energy zapping co-workers and bosses, and many other scenarios.  When there is little relief from suffering and little support, hopelessness can turn into depression and other mental illnesses over time.  Our goal in life should be to find a little hope each day and to keep hold of hope regardless of life’s difficulties.  So how does one find hope when life is getting you down?  Here are a few ways to grasp and hold on to hope each day:

  1. Remember good times and successes from your past.  Your good memories can bring up your energy level in the moment.  Remembering past successes and positive moments keeps you on track and reminds you that life can be good.  You have been and will be successful again.  While you may have to make changes to activities and expectations, the trick is to reinvent yourself given the limitations in your current life.
  2. Look forward to your goals.  Whether you want to learn to make paintings or ask for a raise, goals are important.  When you are moving forwards towards goals you are not thinking about your limitations.  Focusing your energy on goal accomplishment keeps your energy vibrating at a higher level, which is the ultimate solution for depression.
  3. Help others.  By giving of yourself to others, you do not only improve your life, you improve the life of others.  Helping others gives you a positive chemical boost and memories that will carry you through for several days.
  4. Feel your feelings.  Bottling up your feelings will make it impossible to move forward.  Feeling your feelings and processing your feelings makes it possible to leave hurt, anger, guilt, and other unpleasantness behind.
  5. Listen to your intuition.  Your intuition is a guide for moving forward.  Listen to what your heart is saying and make changes based upon what your subconscious is telling about what you need to be happy.

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All the best to you!

Coach Linn

Founder of the Man and Woman’s Mindset

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