Depression and Anxiety

Paralyzed, Deflated, Hopeless

Depression and anxiety rob a person of their ability to think and function.

It isn’t easy to go out and accomplish day-to-day tasks.

Afraid to move forward, always feeling stuck and alone are part of your everyday life.

Life Experiences Affect How One Feels

Humans do not wake up one day with depression and anxiety.

Difficulties in functioning occur over a lifetime through unique events, including trauma, loss, shaping influences, etc.

Struggling to function in life is not a sign of weakness.

People, just like cars, need a tune-up from time to time.

Professionals have the training to help with “people tune-ups.”

Searching for Freedom from Mind Chatter

“This is scary. That’s not safe. You’ll never get better.” These messages in your mind leave you paralyzed and fearful.

Decoding and overcoming what the mind is saying becomes overwhelming.

Every situation and person become triggers.

There is no discernible reason life is so hard.

“All I want is a bit of quiet,” you say to yourself.

Physical Exhaustion

The mind chatter, uncontrollable feelings, and mood swings exhaust the body.

Desire and ability to move forward become less and less.

A person becomes a shell, unrecognizable as the person they were before.

Even the simplest tasks are overwhelming and impossible.

It is like drowning, unable to function as others do.

It is as if invisible glass separates the struggling person from the rest of the world.

It is Easier to Stay in Bed

The only place that feels safe and comforting is your bed, tucked underneath the covers, lying in darkness.

This void requires very little. Nothing much is expected.

And yet, leaving this space brings on all the fears, doubts, and unmanageable thoughts that have been waiting.

Self-Administered Cures

Whether through substances, maladaptive behaviors, activities, yelling at others, food deprivation or excess, and so on, cures don’t work, and things keep piling up.

One feels better for a time, but the lingering heaviness and helplessness are always waiting once the rush ends.

An endless cycle of trying to feel better begins, but the lows get lower. You invent newer coping mechanisms.

The cures do not work, and deeper depression/anxiety sets in.

There is a Cure

Like techniques for learning how to talk and communicate, there are proven techniques for overcoming anxiety and depression.

Depending on the goals, we will work together to make life manageable and prosperous.

There is no need to suffer, and no issue is too small or too big.

Imagine living each day with freedom and efficiently removing barriers that occur.

The Cure Begins with You

You decide whether a cure begins by whether you reach out today.

Will there be continued struggling or the beginnings of healing?

Will tomorrow feel promising or more of the same?

Will life begin or continue a downward trajectory?

All that is required are…

Curiosity and the ability to show up.

It’s about choosing the well-being of self over the beliefs and needs of others.

Make it about YOU!

Circumstances have led to this place.

You will overcome triggers and erase feeling overwhelmed.

Change is possible.

Reach out today and experience the sweet change that makes life manageable.