Centering is the topic on my mind today.  Did you know that peace exists in the present?  When we dwell on the past or think about the future, we invite stress, anxiety, and fear to enter our minds.  When we get out of whack by letting something other than the present occupy our minds, there are quite a few ways we can get back into balance.  I will share 3 methods of centering here.

Method I

  1.  Close your eyes and listen to your breath.
  2. Take a deep breath and when you exhale, feel the stress and worry leave your body through your head, fingertips, and feet.
  3. Picture your feet growing into the floor and focus on how sturdy it feels to be rooted deeply in the earth.
  4. Keep your eyes closed and focusing on your breath while feeling your roots being planted deeper and deeper into the earth.  Continue to breathe out the stress from your body.
  5. When you find your peace and power, open your eyes and begin your day again.

Method II

  1. Get a glass of water, green tea, or other clear to semi-opaque liquid.
  2. Begin to drink the liquid, feel the liquid slide down your throat and into your body.
  3. Notice the sensations you experience when you press your lips to the cup, the temperature of the liquid as you drink it, the sensations in your body as the liquid warms or cools you body. and any feelings or images that come to your mind.
  4. Continue to drink and experience your taste buds, the sensation of swallowing, and focusing on the simplicity of drinking a beverage.
  5. Continue to focus on the simplicity of swallowing a beverage and the related sensations.  Know that this simplicity is available for all of life.
  6. Ask the universe to guide you in simplifying your life.

Method III

Jose Silva is by far, one of my favorite meditation gurus.  His techniques for accessing the deep sub conscious can radically alter your life and give you the tools to harness the untapped power of the mind. Here is a link to one of his centering exercises: Jose Silva centering.  I encourage you to use the exercise at least once per week.  It will change your life!

All the best!

Coach Linn


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