All of us are good at something and by default become a leader in our area of expertise.  Many of us reach the pinnacle of leadership by starting that company or getting promoted to a higher position.  In the end, however, leadership takes more effort than what it appears on the surface.  Leadership is an important role that can benefit or harm a number of people.

Today, I want to share some thoughts on the attributes that make great, memorable leaders.

  1. Personal growth.  Everyone can benefit from engaging in personal growth and that goes double for leaders.  😉
  2. Supporting others.  As a leader, it is important to help every person you oversee be his or her best self.  The trick is you let the individuals you mentor lead their growth efforts, not the other way around.
  3. Insight.  Insight into self and others is required to be an effective leader.  Insight allows one to examine every situation from many vantage points thus utilizing the skills and the knowledge of the people they have been entrusted with.
  4. No favorites.  Surely, there are some people we get along with better than others.  However, leadership requires appreciating and building up everyone around us.
  5. Hands off, except when needed or asked.  Good leaders set the tone from embracing diversity to building others up.  Good leaders rarely need to force anything; their example sets the standard for work and an emotionally intelligent life ethic.
  6. Servanthood.  Being a leader is less about being noticed and more about serving.  A great leader gets behind the scenes and brings up the vibration level of all around him/her.
  7. Fun.  Fun has to be one of the most important factors in leadership.  Embracing the fun in life removes the noise and helps one discover her or his deepest well of resources.

All the best,

Coach Linn

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Hello! I am the founder of the Unstoppable Man and Woman's Mindset, a mindset coach, and an animal lover.

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