It’s time to accomplish your goals and dreams.

Life presents many obstacles that stand in the way of accomplishing dreams and goals.

Complicated feelings and circumstances, fear of failure, and the need for a better sense of self are obstacles that make it easy to lose focus and feel fear and doubt around dreams and goals.

Until you uncover the obstacles and face them, moving forward is impossible.

We need to remove these obstacles to move forward in pursuit of the life that you want – move on and enjoy the life and success you have been dreaming of.

With coaching, you can do it!

Coaching makes it possible to reach your full potential. Having a coach in your corner makes it possible to overcome the obstacles and move forward.

There are several reasons one becomes stuck in a rut of despair. Job loss, divorce, death, or leveling up can cause a person to lose momentum and founder.

With coaching, you can become unstuck.

If you want (and deserve) more out of life and desire to find a way that allows you to fulfill your dreams, coaching sessions provide the path to living life to the fullest.

Coaching helps you identify obstacles and move forward.

In the beginning, coaching involves uncovering your values and the obstacles that are keeping you from having a sense of success and fulfillment.

During our sessions, you will see your life and the world in a new way. It is strange at first to change perceptions and beliefs. Facing old fears can be challenging.

As we move forward, your new world will take shape, and a sense of control will replace the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Curiosity and excitement will become friends that drive success. The feeling of trusting the process will emerge.

Coaching is nonjudgmental and provides space for exploration.

As your coach, I ensure the space feels safe and judgment-free. When used, homework will provide a means of deepening the impact of the process.

The journey will expand into a safe bubble of joy, and a sense of clarity will begin. No longer will life feel like a puzzle to be solved but a smorgasbord of options and paths.

Your unique purpose, life view, and desires will become the keys to deciding which options and paths to choose.

Transformation takes place.

Coaching is about understanding and rewriting your story. The fantastic part is that you get to reauthor your entire life.

Together, we explore the expanse of your life and develop a plan of how YOU want to move forward, thus allowing you to achieve your highest potential.

Life no longer feels dark and lonely. Anything you desire can be yours.

The world is waiting for you to Let Your Light Shine!

About Me

My purpose in life is to help others remove the barriers to living their dreams.

Life was not always easy for me. I grew up in a traditional home where women kept the house and children, and men went to work. However, that was not enough for me. I had big hopes and dreams, along with crippling guilt and anxiety over wanting more.

By reading books, attending seminars, and completing training to be a life coach, I eventually decided to go even further and complete psychology degrees.

Using my knowledge and experience, I learned the joy of self-acceptance and not needing to fit into a mold. I also experienced the joy of helping others step out of their cages and begin to feel free.

You do not need to walk this journey alone. I am here to join you while you uncover the mysteries of your life.

Let’s work together to find your passion and authentic self.

Contact me today at (304) 548-9598, so we can begin your journey.