Yes, school is good for a number of reasons.  You learn basic and even advanced skills.  Interaction with peers is provided and there are programs that allow you to excel in many areas of life.  Of course, school does not and cannot teach you everything.  If your parents don’t fill in the gaps, you have to fill in the gaps yourself.

The following are 7 success tips that aren’t taught in school:

  1. Character development is important.  Sure, no one may teach you to have integrity and not take advantage of others but your long term success in life depends on being a decent person.  Just ask all the people who are lifetime prisoners.  Develop moral character and excel in day to day life.
  2. You have to learn to stand alone.  Yes, standing alone is more difficult than standing with a crowd.  It is amazing feeling for someone to have your back.  One day, however, you will have to chose between greatness and staying with the crowd.  I have encountered a number of people who kept the status quo.  People who keep the status quo will work to drag you down, ruin your reputation, and laugh while doing it.  Status quo keepers are miserable and strive to make the world a miserable place.  Be a person who builds up – choose the ability to stand alone.
  3. Success is 100% up to you.  When you pretend that another person or group of people is holding you back, you give away your power.  Yes, you have to feel your feelings and process stuff from your past.  Yes, it is fine to place blame where it’s due.  Once you have worked your stuff out, don’t jump on the bandwagon of finding a scapegoat.  Own your stuff, look after your success, live your very best life.
  4. Find a good mentor.  When you are out seeking success, a good mentor can push you light years ahead.  You will likely have to go through a few poor mentors and not get discouraged while finding the best mentor.  Always be putting positive energy out into the universe around finding a good mentor.
  5. Always be learning.  In the arena of knowledge, make a habit of being thankful of all information presented to you.  Whether or not you needed the information, the information has expanded your mind to the vast knowledge available.  Do something every day that either upgrades your skills or changes the way you see the world.  Stagnation brings about depression and failure.  Those who learn and grow enjoy rich, full lives.
  6. Practice self love.  Yes, giving to others is important.  However, self love is the root of happiness and the ability to give to others.  You should be your number one priority.  You have to make choices that ensure your safety and happiness.  You need to shower yourself with gifts of self love everyday.
  7. Be discerning of who you share yourself with.  Don’t buy into the myth that everyone is equal.  You have to learn to identify toxic people.  Toxic people will drag you down and suck the life out of you.  The people you allow into your life should be supportive, loving, and open minded.  You should feel like a lovable person in all of your relationships.

All the best!

Coach Linn

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Linn Chetty

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Hello! I am the founder of the Unstoppable Man and Woman's Mindset, a mindset coach, and an animal lover.

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