The secret to success.  Everyone wants it and many find it.  Success is possible for everyone although growth and mindset change will be necessary.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a few pointers to ease you on your way?  I have spent a lifetime observing and studying people and human habits.  As a New Year’s gift to my readers, I thought it would be a kind gesture to share my personal formula for success.

  1. Follow your passion.  Passion is the thing that drives you when the chips are down and everyone is sending you negative messages.  Even when you are in a valley, your passion will continue to ignite and drive you forward.
  2. Be open to discover and practice awareness of your weaknesses.  No matter who you are, perfection is not something anyone will achieve in this life.  When you have a weakness you are unaware of, that weakness can drag you down and cloud your judgement.  Also, know that it is fine to have and not resolve a weakness.  Just knowing you have a weakness and how it affects you will make that weakness a strength.
  3. Strive for balance.  If you are exceptionally good at something, nurture the other side of that strength.  For example: all strong leaders should also learn to be strong followers.  Intelligent people excel more when they are also great learners.  A person who excels at physical fitness should also learn to relax and rest.  Balance makes it possible for your intuition to work well and keeps your eyes and ears open to the fullness of life.
  4. Always be learning.  When you reach a certain age, there are going to be skills you have and maintain with little effort.  However, no matter how much you know, there are always pieces to the puzzle you can still collect.  Expanding your knowledge expands your horizons and makes it possible to continually up your game.
  5. Believe in yourself.  In this life, you will encounter plenty of naysayers on the way up.  Just to add a little spice, life will throw curve balls that cut you to the core.  It takes a strong person to see life events and difficult people as tools for growth rather than personal affronts.  If you are following your passion and developing and trusting your intuition, nothing is going to stop you from developing the skills you need to overcome life’s obstacles and the noise of the crowd.
  6. Rest and relaxation.  Successful people know that you have to have time off.  There is no way to work continually and not have burnout affect you.  I personally believe a good exercise routine (even if it is walking or cleaning house) and a little screen time recharges your batteries; spending time outdoors is also a great option.
  7. Don’t let discouragement overtake you.  When you are looking to achieve great success, know that success can take time.  If you look at success from a high level view, you can see that success is the destination of growth.  As you grow into who you are and learn the lessons you are on earth to learn, success will be a by-product.  Knowing that growth is the secret is going to allow you to easily navigate through discouragement.

All the best!

Coach Linn

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