There are many reasons to develop a sense of humor.  Humor is a great tool to use during difficult times.  Humor can raise the energy level of yourself and the people around you.  If you are looking to enjoy more of life, humor is the way to go.  One cannot expect to live a long time and escape the difficulties that occur during the course of a long life.  However, it is possible to find enjoyment in life using the power of humor.  

If you are still on the fence, here are 5 reasons to use humor in your daily life.

  1. Better Health.  Stress causes hormones like cortisol to flood your brain making it difficult to think and process information effectively.  Continued stress can overload and fatigue the receptors in your brain, which can lead to memory loss and decreased learning ability.  Being able to see the humor in life’s difficulties increases hormones that stimulate the reward centers in your brain and helps you relax.
  2. Be More Approachable.  Are you the kind of person who wants to get along with others and resolve issues amicably?  If so, humor can make you more approachable.  Especially when you are having a bad day or everything seems off.  If you can laugh at the difficult times and even laugh at yourself, you will be more approachable.  Approachable people bring others together and make difficult processes easier to wade through.
  3. Brings Up the Energy of the Room.  If you are a member of a group of people, having a sense of humor can bring up the energy of yourself and others.   This is a great skill to have in hard times.  Perhaps there are layoffs happening at work or a loved one is quite ill.  Using a sense of humor, you can help others experience less stress and more positive outcomes.
  4. Makes You a Good Candidate for Friendship.  If you enjoying making new friends, a sense of humor is the way to go.  Think about it.  When meeting new people, would you feel comfortable with the person who makes others miserable or the person who has a sense of humor?  Who would you feel comfortable inviting over to hang out with your friends?  Be that person!
  5. Stimulates Your Brain.  Research shows that laughter stimulates the learning centers in your brain.  Want to upgrade your life and learn new skills?  Having a sense of humor will literally raise your ability to learn and maintain new information and help you reach the life you dream of!

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