All of us experience good and bad times.  Some days we feel like taking on the world and other days we just want to rest.  So, how does one consistently stay motivated if one’s energy wanes?  Some days are an auto pilot situation and that’s okay.  Know that the day will pass and tomorrow will be better.  If your motivation wanes for too long, go see your doc to get checked out for hormone/body chemical imbalances and/or physical conditions that can lead to low motivation.  In the mean time, here are:

4 Ways to Stay Motivated

  1. Purge – purge all of the stuff in your life that does not serve you.  Old clothing, decorations you no longer use, artwork you aren’t displaying, people who bring you down.  Anything that is stealing your joy.
  2. Feel – If the purging process brings up feelings, feel the feelings and let the feelings release as needed.  Praise yourself for doing the hard work of feeling your feelings and owning your emotional stuff.
  3. Ignite Your Passion – use art, writing, speaking, volunteering – any activity that helps you stay passionate about life and your goals.  As I write this post, I am moving through a cold which is doubly yucky due to also having asthma.  Writing this blog and working in my business ignites my passion and motivates me.
  4. Go for a drive – see if you can’t find a nice winding road with trees and some water.  Make sure the road is not heavily traveled so you can enjoy the scenery.  Drink in the scenes.  Stop and get out and just let the nature seep in.

I would love to hear what motivates you!  

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All the best!

Coach Linn

Founder of the Unstoppable Man and Woman Mindset


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Hello! I am the founder of the Unstoppable Man and Woman's Mindset, a mindset coach, and an animal lover.

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