“Whoa, wait a minute”, you may say.  “I will never be one of those ‘bubbly, happy people’.  Those people have more problems than I do.  Also, bubbly people are hard to relate to”.  I hear you.  I am not saying you have to be bubbly or exceedingly happy every day.  What I am saying is you can have a good day, regardless of life’s circumstances.  You can also have feelings, experience grief, and want to say at home in bed and still have a good day.

Here are 10 Tips for having a good day:

  1. Feel your feelings.  Whether in the moment or at a later time, think about difficult situations that occurred and have your feelings.  Feel the feelings, think about where they appear in the body, and how they feel.  Know that feelings serve a purpose.  Feelings tell you when to seek change, set boundaries, learn new skills, forgive, grieve, and so on.
  2. Be gentle with yourself.  No matter if things did not go as planned, tragedy strikes, you hurt another person, or your work did not meet the mark, it is okay.  Have compassion for yourself.  Know that we all are imperfect.  Even if you lose your relationship or job, you will learn and grow from the situation.
  3. Invite change in. One of my daily prayers is to always be open to change that will serve my purpose and goals.  It is not necessary to know how you will accomplish your goals.  Just be willing and open to change and paradoxically, your whole life will change.
  4. Make a treasure map.  I like Canva for this but you can do anything.  Obtain some pictures of your dream life/job/relationships and add yourself to the picture.  Also, place dates and feeling titles in each picture – thankful home owner, grateful millionaire, ecstatic parent, and so on.  Look over this map each morning and evening.
  5. Surround yourself with drama free people.  You are who you surround yourself with.  If you are always surrounded by people who have drama, you will become a drama king/queen as well.  Shifting to a drama free life gives you more room to hear what you next step should be, what you should focus on, and what you need to leave behind.
  6. Take time out.  Take time out each day to do something you consider frivolous.  Watch television, play legos with your son/daughter/niece/nephew, go see a movie.  Time out is grounding and gives fresh perspective.
  7. Start your day with affirmations.  One of my favorite affirmations is: all of my feelings are an acceptable part of me.  Another one of my favorite affirmations is: I always speak my truth.  Affirmations that empower and validate you help you begin your day with the magic of owning your power.
  8. Take time out for lunch.  Eating a meal in the middle of the day will help you keep up your energy and keep your mind clear.
  9. Engage in positive self talk.  When things don’t go as planned, you forget to do something, or you become mentally fatigued, build your self up – I am a great worker, I am talented, Whoops let’s try that again.  There is no need to say bad things to yourself, even if others have put you down in the past.  You are the gift!
  10. Get a little exercise.  Turn on the radio and dance.  Clean something that needs it.  Take a walk. When you move a bit, your body releases feel good endorphins.  Even if your issues are ongoing, it is okay to have a little pep in your step even if the pep is used to get a drink of water.

Be kind yourself!

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All the Best!

Coach Linn

Founder of the Unstoppable Man Mindset


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