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3 Ways to Overcome Self Doubt

Self doubt – that nagging feeling that you …. (fill in the blank) won’t accomplish your dreams, can’t get the job/promotion, will always be alone, and so on.  Stop for a minute and think about how self doubt feels, the bodily sensations you have, and where you feel the sensations in your body.  The thought …

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When a Relationship Ends

When a relationship ends: Grieve, Review, Upgrade, Begin again. When a relationship ends, you first need to grieve. Grieve for the loss of the relationship, loss of dreams, loss of having a partner in life.  Relationships mean something to us.  We are social creatures.  We need to connect with others intimately and socially.  It hurts …

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The link between Positive Self Esteem and Relationships

If you are like many people, you are struggling with positive self esteem and/or participating in adaptive relationships.  Not surprisingly, the two concepts are connected.  It is hard, but beneficial to realize that without positive self esteem, one will not attract positive relationships.  Positive relationships are attracted when our self esteem is high and we …

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